Copper Gutters for Sydney Homes

Stramit® Quad 115 Gutter  5300
Stramit® Hi-Front Quad Gutter  6300
Stramit® M Pattern Gutter  7900
Stramit® S Pattern Gutter  7900
Stramit® Half Round Gutter 150  6490
Stramit® Half Round Gutter 200  13520
Stramit® Flatback Gutter 150  6050


Stramit® Gutters
require the correct proprietary Stramit® brackets (or snap clip/stiffener bracket combination) for support at spacing no greater than those shown in the following table. 

Stramit® Quad 115 Gutter 1200
Stramit® Hi-Front Quad Gutter 1200
Stramit® M Pattern Gutter 1200
Stramit® S Pattern Gutter 1200
Stramit® Half Round 150 Gutter 900
Stramit® Half Round 200 Gutter 900
Stramit® Flatback Gutter 900

Thermal Expansion 

Gutter runs in excess of 20m require the provision of an expansion joint.


Stramit recommends that an absolute minimum fall of 1 in 500 be used for all gutters, this being a design requirement for the gutter and downpipe selection table. Good fall reduces the risk of leaf and debris deposition that could otherwise effect durability.

Gutter Capacity 

In theory any size of gutter can be used to drain any roof catchment.What controls design is the number of downpipes needed to perform within the capacity of each gutter. In practice the larger the gutter the less the number of downpipes required, as indicated in the table [below]. 

Normally catchment calculations must take into account the increased area due to roof slope. The required downpipe table incorporated into this manual takes account of roof slopes up to 23°. Therefore the roof area for use with this table requires only the simple calculation of plan area.

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