Wakaflex Specifications

  • Non Toxic - There are no potential hazards for installers and no contamination
    for run-off water.

  • Lightweight - Wakaflex weighs only 4kg for a 5m roll

  • 3 Sizes – Wakaflex is available in three widths: 280mm, 370mm & 560mm.

  • Available in 4 colours – Terracotta, Black, Lead Grey & Brown

  • Colour Matching - Wakaflex can be painted to match any tile or metal
    roof profile once installed.

  • Compatible with most roofing materials - Can be fitted to new builds,
    re-roofs, roof repair and can be retro-fitted to cover existing lead flashing.

  • Built-in Flashings – Wakaflex can be built into brickwork, and step flashed.

  • Quick & Easy To Install - There are no special skills required and Wakaflex can be installed up to 50% quicker than similar flashings. Scissors or a Stanley knife
    is all that’s required to install.

  • Suitable for Rainwater Harvesting Systems - Non toxic flexible flashing
    suitable for water harvesting. There is no toxic or corrosive run off.

  • Lasting Profile - Has an aluminium mesh insert that expands during installation that holds the roof profile.

  • Flexibility – Wakaflex is made from Polyisobutylene (PIB) which provides
    flexibility to form a weather tight seal on extreme roof profiles.

  • Sealing Strips – Wakaflex comes with two Butyl sealing strips so no additional adhesives are required.

  • Temperature Stability - -40º C to 100º C in accordance with DIN 52133.
    Can be laid in hot or cold conditions.

  • UV Resistant - In accordance with DIN 16726

  • Backing Strip - Wakaflex comes with a three section plastic backing strip,
    to keep the products adhesive side clean until final installation.

  • Packaging - Wakaflex can be supplied individually or in cartons of 4 x 5m rolls
    to suit requirements.

  • Laying Length – Wakaflex does not expand or contract in hot or cold weather,
    so it can be installed in complete 5m lengths.

  • Over-flashing – Wakaflex only requiresa 30mm lap joint onto itself.  Wakaflex chemically bonds to itself after 20 minutes.

  • Guarantee –Wakaflex comes with a 10 year nationwide guarantee.

  • CSIRO Tested –Wakaflex complies with the CSIRO requirements for AS 2904:1995 ‘Damp Course Flashing’.


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